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Efficiently aggregate end-to-end core competencies without maintainable ideas. Dynamically foster tactical solutions without enabled value.

Custom Web Development

iLEAD Integrated Solutions create web applications as a solution or improvement of the customer company's information processes and operations, solving the reporting, statistics and archiving of the information that among its advantages has access from any point of the geography with the consequent security protocols required through devices that have a web browser such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Together with our customer, we make decisions about the services that it will be offered to users through the application, we proceed to the design, planning, development and implementation of the web application, that is, to develop specific software, through which the user accesses the information hosted on the server through Internet browsers and through the interface designed to request the desired service.

Mobile Application Development

iLead Integrated Solutions develops mobile application which turning the most complex business ideas into reality. We strive to build end-to-end mobile applications for enterprise-level organizations and for startups working to achieve success in a very competitive market.

Our mobile applications are built under a simple philosophy using Native IOS, Native Android and Cross Platform and maintain a continuous update of the applications to the new versions of Android and iOS to assure availability of all functions to users.

We adapt to customer requirements and develop applications that bringing a new meaning to the use of mobile devices, making them an extension of our customer brand, a new way of reaching customers and an effective means of communicating with them.

UX /UI Design

When carrying out the web or mobile Apps design, it is very important to take into account the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI, we help our customers to build strong emotional bonds with their customers through engaging visual designs and unforgettable brand experiences. Emotion and ultra-personalization shape the behavior of today's consumers, which is why we use human-centric user experience services to build eye catching accessible and impressive design as a powerful tool to grow faster than the competition, improve customer acquisition, and increase reach and sales.

E-Commerce Development

iLead Integrated Solutions service is mainly aimed at helping companies sell online by facilitating the knowledge of the e-commerce platforms that best suit their needs of digitizing the sale of their products and to increase their visibility in the electronic market.

We work with our customers on strategy, operations, customer service, online payments and user experience, ensuring a complete implementation of the process which cover Products with information sheet, Multiple images and videos, Size system customization, Stock and inventory, Secure payment gateways, Simple and easy purchasing processes and marketing tools.

Custom Software Development

iLead Integrated Solutions develop software applications that work for our customers needs in those cases in which they are not covered by standard software, or they are not in an efficient way. It is about knowing perfectly the problems of our customers to be able to provide them with the most appropriate tools that allow them to be at the forefront of their sector and prepared to face new economic and technological changes.

We do it by applying the most appropriate architectures, development methodology and integrating with other software/hardware elements and maintain procedures and controls of our Quality Management System to guarantee usage efficiency and perfect results.

Business Process Automation

iLEAD Integrated business process management system allows customer to organize processes between multiple information systems using task management tools as the system streamlines workflow, enforces business rules, and ensures that unsolved cases are not forgotten. It acts as a business middleware, linking systems and involving people, which ensures the uninterrupted transfer of processes between different business units. Online reports and alerts ensure that managers at all levels know and exceed their objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

The System Streamlines the workflow and operation of different departments and branches, Improve the level of service by increasing the speed and quality of processes related to services and Increase revenue by increasing the efficiency of sales-related processes.